Online GDPR Staff Training

Online GDPR Training is an effective way of ensuring your staff’s knowledge of GDPR and putting it to the test – making sure that all of your employees are GDPR ready, capable of recognising and preventing potentially serious breaches and fines.


Make sure your staff are GDPR ready

Under GDPR, any member of staff can be responsible for a breach – and that makes it vital that all of your staff receive expert GDPR training to meet their obligations and save your company from potentially massive fines.

With Activa Consulting’s online GDPR training, we will your boost your employees’ knowledge of GDPR and equip them with the skills they need to minimise the risks to your business, allowing them to confidently handle personal data.

The money spent on this will probably save you much more in fines, and make your organisation more compliant as a whole. We provide this service via a flexible delivery method which is built around you and your needs

The features of our online GDPR training include:

We provide an online presentation and password protected video for staff to view as and when they please

Ensures a strong understanding of personal data, Data Subject Access Requests, how to secure, track and map the personal data you’re handling, and much more

A test of your employees’ grasp of data protection afterwards, with a choice between multiple-choice or a more thorough test

Can be completed at your own speed, for just £30 per user

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