The subject of achieving registration for a contract has come up a lot lately. The situation is you are interested in a tender to provide a big customer your goods or services and they require as part of your submission that you are or are actively working toward ISO 9001:2015. As a result you have ended up on this website and you need it sorted and fast. This is how Activa can help you…..

The short term project

Typically it can take six months for a company to be certified. For larger companies it can take years. In order to demonstrate the fact that you are working towards the standard we have found that we can help you do this in a matter of eight days, or even less – and if you are prepared to work weekends, so are we!

In that time, we need to create the following things:

  • A quality policy – what are you trying to achieve, what are your values / vision? We also need to add a few statement which address the requirements of the standard.
  • A quality manual – which specifically addresses the requirements of the standard
  • A process map to show the interrelationships of your key processes
  • More detailed process maps for each of your key processes
  • One or two objectives to measure the performance of these key processes
  • 6 documented procedures covering some ancillary elements of the standard (we actually merge them into 3)
  • An implementation “to-do” list which is your gap analysis against the standard itself.
  • A written quality implementation statement signed by both you and us to demonstrate you commitment to achieving the standard in a certain amount of time.

This should give you a documented system, which you may not completely follow by your submission date but you will be able to demonstrate a clear path to achieving it to your prospective client and with our weight behind you, (we are always happy to field calls from your customer to let them know how we will achieve it) you should have little or no concerns over the ISO 9001:2015 tender hurdle.

The long term project

This is then the bit you have actually committed to in the first project. Now you roll it out across your organisation with as much or as little help from us as you need at the pace you choose. Happily this can take a lot longer and may only require a few days of our intervention to help you with audits, improvement cycles and a management review meeting.

This is obviously not the perfect way to implement a system, but in a commercial world we are currently engaged on more of these projects than any other. There are people out there who are grasping the nettle short term to reap the rewards of larger commercial contracts.