Management review should take place as normal but will now consider more things. This should now additionally include opportunity for improvement and risk management.

This process could take a good deal of time and will be well worth it too. There is no recommendation here for how often these reviews should occur or how they should occur so if you want to do one every six months then it your responsibility to demonstrate to your certification body why that is so. If you want to look at various aspect of your business at different times then that is OK too just make it coherent with the nature of your business and document what you intend to do.

Review inputs

Inputs to management review shall include:

  • results of audits
  • customer satisfaction
  • process performance and product conformity – objectives need to be review and targets set for the future
  • any non-conformities and corrective actions
  • previous actions and their outcomes
  • any internal or external issues which could affect the QMS
  • recommendations for improvement
  • external providers performance
  • resource adequacy
  • effectiveness to address risks and opportunities see 6.1

Review outputs

Outputs from management review:

  • plans to improve processes / product
  • opportunity for improvement
  • changes to the QMS
  • resource requirements

These are not substantially different from the last standard, but our feedback from certification bodies is that they now carry much more weight and will be scrutinised
in much greater detail.

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