You should determine what need to be measured, how, when measured, when evaluated. Then you should do it and keep records of not only the results, but the actions required in order to improve too.

Customer Satisfaction

One of the measurements of the QMS, your company must measure customer perceptions and to whether their requirements have been met. This is a huge topic that some have attempted in the past and others have not bothered with. We would recommend you do not attempt this without external advice for fear of “Customer Satisfaction Apathy / Rage”. See our section on Customer Satisfaction

Monitoring and Measurement of Processes

These methods (where applicable) shall demonstrate the ability of processes to achieve planned results and where this is not the case corrective actions have been taken to ensure this is rectified – see previous section 8.7

Monitoring and Measurement of Product / Service

You must conduct this to ensure characteristics of product meet requirements.
Records of this process shall be maintained indicating the who signed them off.
This should not occur until planned arrangements have been completed unless otherwise approved.

We have recently written about Monitoring and Measurement of Customer Satisfaction in a newsletter

Customer Satisfaction

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