This requires your company to plan and develop your processes needed to realise (make / generate) the product
in line with your QMS. The first part of this may well be your process map. In doing so you need to determine,
where applicable:

  • requirements (and possibly those of your customers) for each product and service you offer
  • processes and documents to support those processes
    (You still need to use forms of some type be they paper or electronic,
    but no requirement here for documented procedures)
    and the need to make sure that
    resources are available.
  • that you check the product / service against defined criteria for product acceptance (the final check before
    handing over to the customer)
  • records to prove your QMS is under control

This is where planning requirements are reinforced. Plan your processes, establish objectives, document and measure results
and later we will see you use these as your tool for improvement.

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