“Top business management” should support the QMS and not just turn up at the occasional review meeting as has previously been the case. In doing so it is hope that they will become more involved in it’s continual improvement by:

  • Making sure everyone knows the importance of process approach and risk based thinking
    This is really one for interpretation, how will you do this, how much importance will you place on it,
    how hard are you going to try to get “buy in” from your employees
  • Ensuring resources for the QMS are available
  • Communicating the importance of the effectiveness of the QMS
  • Ensuring quality objectives are established
    How will make sure you do this – it is a spin off from your business plan. For reference to generate a decent plan click here
  • Conducting management reviews
    Since planning, objective setting and statistical review is now considerably more important, so the status of Management Review has increased. As a result the meeting can take a lot longer than they did and also require much more preparation.
  • Promoting improvement
  • Managing all resources to make sure the system can meet the requirements of the customer


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