ISO 9001:2015 transition

ISO 9001:2015 transition to the latest version / revision


So you have an existing ISO 9001:2008 system and your certification body is no doubt in contact with you about the transition to the new version. If you need help with doing this, we are here to help and this is how we would go about it with you. We can agree responsibilities for each stage so you can control the project and ensure effective delivery.

Gap analysis

We will come to site, look at how your system currently operates, what type of evidence you have to support it and its status. We’ll look at any outstanding issues you have with your certification body and look at how subsequent actions have been implemented. We then prepare a gap analysis of the system against ISO 9001:2015 and subsequently agreed a project plan for implementation.

Implement documentary changes

We amend and update documentary changes required with you.

Implement process gaps / training

We agree with you any new processes you need to implement – this may well be linked to objective setting and process improvement.

Conduct internal audits against ISO 9001:2015

We will conduct internal audits (most likely with your existing internal auditor and provide training for them where necessary).  Ensure effectiveness and control prior to re-certification.

Conduct reviews including new requirements

We will help you hold your first management review meeting meeting. This will be against the new requirements of the latest revision of the ISO 9001 2015 standard. This should include opportunity for improvement and risk management as well as strategic directions document.

Attend re-certification / transition external audit

We will attend your re-certification visit so help the process go smoothly.

Assist with any outstanding issues to achieve registration to ISO 9001:2015

If any issues arise as a result of the re-certification visit we will work with you for free until they are resolved. If this sounds good – contact us to discuss