Interim Data Protection Officer (DPO)

The fast-approaching regulations of GDPR require many tasks, processes, and roles to be fulfilled – both now and after the 25th May deadline. One of these requirements is the potential need for a Data Protection Officer (DPO). As well as being able to help you implement the necessary changes in your business for the GDPR, Activa Consulting may be able to help you save money managing your data protection and securing your reputation with your customers, acting as your Data Protection Officers.


data protection officer

Large or complex organisations are required to employ a dedicated Data Protection Officer – and any company can do so to show their commitment to compliance. We can provide this part-time or full-time according to your needs, from as little as £600 a month.

If you process a lot of personal data, or depending on how legislation is interpreted, if you have more than 250 employees (this is yet to be decided) you will need to appoint a Data Protection Officer.

Depending on the level of work involved, this may be a full-time job, but we think in many cases this would be overkill. A good DPO will be up to speed on Data Protection and Information Security matters and if they are not too busy with your company they will be costing you too much money and lacking skills.

A DPO will need to monitor the performance of your Data Protection regime, handle any privacy issues escalated to the DPO, be called upon in the event of any breaches, deal with the ICO (or other regulators), maintain current data mapping (Article 30) and ensure Privacy Impact Assessments are carried out where new projects/products are rolled out by the business.

The DPO must be independent and report directly to the board, some someone already on the management team will not be able to perform this function independently. So the question is, where will the best value be found – paying someone full time as a DPO or using an outside consultancy to provide a part-time resource only performing the roles you need when you need to give you and stakeholders the assurance your business is on top of its regulatory requirements?

The requirements for a DPO is that of the GDPR, one needs to be in place by May 2018 and we are ready to help you at costs significantly less than hiring a full-time DPO. We can provide this part-time or full-time according to your needs, from as little as £600 a month.