As we all know, the new GDPR regulations become enforceable on 25th May of this year (that’s just 5 months away!) But the head of the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) has attempted to quell any fears with the GDPR deadline by dismissing any potential similarities with the “Y2K bug”.

The Y2K bug was an unknown entity but with a set deadline – this gave organisations and individuals time to prepare, however blind that preparation was. GDPR is remarkably different to the Y2K bug in two very important ways.

Yes, the 25th May is the date that GDPR implementation must be in place, but it is not an unknown entity, and it is something that organisations must continue to implement, maintain, and observe. Of course, you need to became compliant by 25th May, but you know how to become compliant and you must continue to be so and maintain that compliance.

Elizabeth Denham states that GDPR is an ongoing process for organisations and that as long as organisations are actively working towards GDPR implementation and greater care, some leniency will be taken.

The May deadline, should not be thought of as an “extreme” cut off point, but rather a point to get as compliant as humanly possible by. You will need to be perpetually on top of GDPR compliance before and after the 25th May, and one big reason why you need a Data Protection Officer on-board permanently from that date onwards.

But the more compliant you can be before the May “deadline”, the better. The work you do to become compliant before May will reflect greatly on your organisation. We can help you get compliant with our Interim DPOs and specialist GDPR Consultants. Get in touch with us now to find out more.

Read Elizabeth Denham’s full blog post “GDPR is not Y2K” right here: – this is an important read for anyone who is anxious about the new GDPR regulations.