In-Person GDPR Staff Training

Available for flexible numbers and duration, raise the knowledge of your employees and equip them with the awareness of how to change their actions to minimise the risks to your business with our GDPR training.



Make sure your staff are ready with GDPR Training

Under GDPR, simple lapses from any employee that put users’ rights and freedoms at risk have to be reported to the ICO by law within 3 days and can result in heavy fines. Your staff need expert GDPR training to help avoid these mistakes and save you from substantial penalties.

With GDPR staff training from our data protection experts, you can protect your organisation from data breaches and ensure better compliance with the new law.

The process will give your staff a deeper understanding of GDPR and their obligations, ultimately saving you money in the long term by minimising the risk of data breaches and the resulting fines.

Features of our GDPR staff training:

An in-depth presentation which explains GDPR, your staff's obligations to protecting personal data, and how to meet those obligations

Discussion of such topics as data mapping, Data Subject Access Requests, Data Protection Impact Assessments, data privacy policies, and more

Exercises and activities throughout, with a thorough test afterwards to assess your employee's progress and understanding of GDPR

For £100 per hour / £600 per day + VAT

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