Data Protection and GDPR Staff Training

We can provide expert GDPR Awareness Training for your staff to ready them for GDPR. Simple lapses from even the most experienced employee can result in heavy fines… and that’s why you and your staff need to be as GDPR-ready as your organisation.

We can provide in-person or online support to teach your staff and contractors anything from the very basics of GDPR to the more advanced areas of the regulation. The training will improve their knowledge and equip them with the awareness to change their actions, minimising the risks to your business and allowing them to confidently handle and recognise personal data, Data Subject Access Requests, how to secure, track, and map data, and much more.

In-Person Staff Training

Online GDPR Training

In-Person Staff Training

In-person presentations, lectures, awareness training and relevant activities. Depending on the length of the presentation, we can do up to 5 lectures a day.

In-depth presentations about data protection
We explain GDPR, your staff’s obligations to protect personal data, and how to meet those obligations
Discussion of the important factors and issues
Data mapping, Data Subject Access Requests, Data Protection Impact Assessments, data privacy policies, and more
Exercises and activities to ensure understanding
The training is concluded with a thorough test to assess your employee’s progress and their knowledge of GDPR

Online GDPR Staff Training

An effective way of ensuring that your employees are trained to a GDPR ready level, capable of recognising and preventing potentially serious breaches and fines.

Training provided for you online
We provide an online presentation and password protected video which discusses the key areas of GDPR
Improved awareness of GDPR
A test of your employee’s grasp of data protection is provided afterwards, with a choice between a multiple-choice or more thorough test
Complete at your own speed
A flexible option that allows your staff to do the training as and when they are available, completing the training as and when they please

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