GDPR Gap Analysis

Data Protection laws changed dramatically in May 2018 due to GDPR, and if you haven’t already had an expert conduct a GDPR Gap Analysis then your company or organisation will almost certainly not be fully compliant with the law.

Data breaches that put users’ rights and freedom at risk are highly likely under GDPR and must be reported to the ICO within 3 days; non-compliance can lead to fines of up to €20M EUR or 4% of your parent group’s global annual turnover – whichever is higher – for every data breach.

A Gap Analysis from Activa Consulting will identify potential risks both quickly and affordably, and set out clear recommendations of what will need to be done in order to comply with the new law.


GDPR Gap Analysis – Two days on site, one day compiling and providing an advisory report£950 + VAT

How it Works

Performing a Gap Analysis is a vital step in implementing GDPR in any organisation. During this process, our consultants will:

  • Spend two consecutive days at your organisation to assess your existing systems
  • Ascertain your data assets and the measures that are in place to protect them, including policies, real world practices, and your employees’ understanding of data protection
  • Establish your current level of GDPR compliance and identify potential risks of data breaches
  • Make recommendations about changes that will help to improve compliance with data protection laws and reduce the chances of a data breach

With GDPR having come into force more than a year ago, it is vital that a Gap Analysis be carried out by an expert in data protection – especially considering the fines and penalties that could come from a lack of compliance and the legal requirement to report breaches to the ICO.

Book a Gap Analysis from Activa Consulting NOW for £950+VAT to give your company or organisation the best chance of becoming compliant and avoid heavy fines. Click here to get in touch, or email us at [email protected].