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Adapting your business processes to GDPR will probably prove to be a complex, time-consuming and difficult task. Hire our expert consultants to deliver a smooth solution built around you and your requirements.

Transform your data security, privacy policies, consents and more with the help of our expert GDPR Consultants. There are potential fines of up to €2m or 4% of your group’s global annual turnover for companies and organisations that fail to comply – per breach!

Check out our consultancy services below for solutions for YOUR business.

GDPR Gap Analysis and GDPR Audit

GDPR Consultancy and Project Management

Data Protection Officer-as-a-Service

Data Protection Staff Training

GDPR Products and Software

Additional or Personal Consulting

GDPR Gap Analysis and GDPR Audit

A GDPR Gap Analysis or Audit is designed to assess your current compliance levels, identify the risks to your organisation, and suggest what steps should be taken to comply with GDPR.

Establish your current level of GDPR compliance

Our GDPR consultants assess the measures in place to protect data, including policies, real world practices, and your employees’ understanding of data protection

Identify your data assets
Two consecutive days at your organisation to assess your existing systems and identify potential risks of data breaches
Reduce the chances of a data breach
We will make recommendations about changes that will help to improve compliance with data protection laws and minimise the risks to your organisation

Data Protection Consultancy and Project Management

Fully personalised compliance checks, staff training, project management and delivery of your GDPR compliance program, tailored to the needs and requirements of your organisation.

Expert consultancy from data protection experts

Make sure that your data protection programme is thorough and up to date with consultancy from Activa Consultancy, the experts the experts turn to

Maximise the potential of your data protection programme

Get our advice on making improvements to your data management, increase your efficiency in handling data, and establish good compliance with current laws

Get the invaluable advice you need

Receive guidance from GDPR consultants on subjects such as policies, procedures, responsibilities, and technology


GDPR can require you to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) at your organisation. As your DPOs, Activa Consulting can manage your data protection on a part-time basis and save you money.

Managing your data protection programme
We monitor your organisation’s data protection regime and will handle any issues which are escalated to the level of the DPO
Available to deal with your data protection needs
Call on us in the even of any data breaches and to deal with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)
Stay up to date on information security
We monitor data protection matters to keep you informed, while maintaining your current systems and awareness of the latest developments in the field

Data Protection Staff Training

We provide training that will ready your staff for GDPR, improving their knowledge around data protection and equipping them with the skills to confidently handle personal data.

Minimise the risks to your business

Make sure that your staff handle personal data with confidence and have the ability to recognise personal data, Data Subject Access requests, how to secure, track, and map data, and much more

A choice of in-person or online training

Services built around you and your needs, with in-person at your place of work or the option of an online series of videos and tests which staff can complete in their own time and at their own speed

In-depth training in GDPR and data protection

A clear explanation of GDPR, the issues around it, and the obligations your staff have to protect personal data and how they can meet those obligations

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