GDPR Awareness Training

GDPR awareness training

We at Activa can provide expert GDPR Awareness Training for your staff to ready them for GDPR. Simple lapses from even the most experienced employee can result in heavy fines and have to be reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) by law within 3 days… that’s why you and your staff need to be as GDPR-ready as your organisation.


We can provide in-person or online support to teach your staff and contractors anything from the very basics of GDPR to the more advanced areas of the regulation. The training will raise the knowledge of your employees, and equip them with the awareness of how to change their actions to minimising the risks to your business. This will result in them confidently handling and recognising issues and factors such  as personal data, Data Subject Access Requests, how to secure, track and map the personal data you’re handling, and much more.

We have provided training and presentations for various clients, which included an online presentation and password protected video saved online for staff to view as and when they please (as long as they have the permitted password, of course.) Check out our extensive and industry-leading expertise in GDPR from our Recent Clients in the right sidebar.

GDPR Awareness Training Prices

In person presentations, lectures, awareness training and relevant activities – £600 a day for up to 25 employees at a time. Depending on the length of the presentation, we can do up to 5 lectures a day.

Online presentations, awareness videos, tests and activities and more – £30 per online user (up to 50 users).

This GDPR Awareness Training is the most effective way of ensuring your staff’s knowledge of GDPR and putting it to the test – making it a crash course in training any employee to a GDPR-ready level, capable of recognising and preventing potentially serious breaches and fines.

Get in touch now at [email protected] if you’re interested in either our in-person or online GDPR staff training.