Facebook on phone - Facebook data breachesAnother week, another Facebook data breach. The latest has seen millions of photos left exposed due a software bug, but it’s far from the first data protection issue the social media giant has faced. Facebook is currently facing quite a reckoning for years of data profligacy.

At a glance, here are some other Facebook data breaches and data protection issues:

  • The most notable incident so far has been the Cambridge Analytica scandal. It was revealed in early 2018 that Cambridge Analytica, a political consulting firm, harvested data from Facebook users’ profiles and used it for political purposes. This was done entirely without users’ consent. Facebook was fined £500,000 for its part in the incident.
  • The Cambridge Analytica scandal is still having repercussions. The UK Parliament continues to investigate Facebook’s data privacy controls around the time of the incident, recently seizing a number of documents from the company.
  • In November, private messages were stolen from 81,000 hacked Facebook accounts. The hackers responsible were then selling the data on at the price of 10 cents (8p) per account.
  • According to emails released by the UK government, Facebook considered selling user data back in 2012. Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg was one of those involved in the discussion.
  • 6.8 million users have been affected by the most recent data breach. A bug allowed developers to view photos that had been uploaded but never published.
  • Another glitch in June affected 14 million users. Posts that were meant to be made privately were instead shown publicly due to a software glitch.

The clear and most obvious issue here is the risk to users. Data breaches are common at Facebook, despite the fact that it has instigated tighter controls. Its past attitude to data privacy is also worrying.

Setting that aside, this has been a bad year for Facebook data breaches and data protection. With GDPR now in force, the rules and regulations are more important than ever. With potential fines of up to €20 million or 4% of annual global turnover per breach, Facebook has a definite need to shore things up next year.

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