Data Protection Officers: DPO-as-a-Service

Using Activa Consulting to provide this service will provide you better value than paying someone full time as a DPO, filling the specific roles that you need and giving you and your stakeholders the assurance that your business is on top of its regulatory requirements.

Interim Data Protection Officer Services

If you process a lot of personal data, or depending on how the legislation is interpreted, if you have more than 250 employees, then GDPR requires you to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO). Activa Consulting can perform this role for you, delivering GDPR and data protection project management, on a part time basis.

As well as being able to help you implement the necessary changes in your business for GDPR, we may be able to help you save money managing your data protection and securing your reputation with your customers, acting as your Data Protection Officers.

Appointing a DPO is one of the key requirements of GDPR, and our consultants are ready to help you at costs significantly less than hiring one full time.

Acting as your interim Data Protection Officers, we will:

Keep your organisation up to date on Data Protection and Information Security matters

Monitor the performance of your Data Protection regime and handle any privacy issues escalated to the level of the DPO

Be available to be called upon in the event of any breaches and deal with the ICO

Maintain current data mapping and ensure that Privacy Impact Assessments are carried out

Be available from 1 day per month for £600 per day + VAT

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