Data Governance

Harmonise your standards, processes and procedures across your whole organisation. Get the best quality of data and the best productivity from it, improve your organisation’s efficiency, and get the best from your staff and assets. We’ve spent a year designing comprehensive Data Governance frameworks for some of the world’s biggest CPG companies for Deloitte – and the lessons we’ve learned and good practice we’ve identified can improve the efficiency and harmony of organisations of all sizes. Contact us now to focus upon your own Data Governance and getting the most from it.


Data Governance is about harmonising your whole organisation and processes and procedures, however large and complex the organisation has become. We’ve designed successful Data Governance frameworks for some of the UK’s largest companies for Deloitte, and we can do the same for you. Implementing improved Data Governance initiatives will result in massive benefits for your organisation. Data is an asset, a highly valuable resource, and should be treated as such if you want to maximise its potential and get the most out of it. Even if you’re not driving towards becoming a data-driven organisation, you’ll still notice significant improvements in your operational efficiency and productivity if you use us to improve the quality and harmonisation of your data and processes and procedures.

As well as improving data security and compliance with data protection laws such as GDPR, implementing Data Governance programmes can significantly increase your efficiency, save on time and resources, and simplify day-to-day operating – all by harmonising and empowering your staff to take ownership of your data as an asset.

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Good Data Governance is about understanding the importance of organising people, procedures, and technology in the most efficient manner possible. It’s also about achieving compliance with all regulatory requirements such as GDPR, achieving successful privacy initiatives (these typically pay out around $2.70 for every $1 spent, according to Forrester research), optimising your data quality, and driving towards becoming a data-driven business that can achieve real-time data-driven decision making, significant efficiency savings, automation and Artificial Intelligence, as well as a more motivated and empowered workforce – breaking down silos while giving people genuine mastery over their data.

We’re a company that even leading consultancy firms come to for insight, project management and delivery. We’re currently working for Aptos, and have recently provided expertise to Deloitte (managing major Data Governance projects across 2 major CPG companies over a year, as well as managing a Data Audit for a major charity and governmental body) as well as Sompo Insurance, SSE, Wiser Environment, and others.


To benefit from our expertise in Data Governance, get in touch today using the contact form below. We’re the experts that the experts turn to, and we can help you establish a programme that will result in significant advantages for your company or organisation, whatever your scale, complexity or scope.