A report from cybersecurity firm DynaRisk has uncovered some interesting facts about UK data breaches. The information uncovered by the company includes:

  • There have been more data breaches for users with BT email addresses than for those who use Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo emails.
  • UK consumers suffered more data breaches than people in such countries as Canada, New Zealand, and the majority of Europe.
  • Three out of five consumers in the UK were victims of a data breach.
  • The average Cyber Security Score – which works like a credit score but tracks cyber security – of UK consumers rose by 26% in the last 12 months.

According to a report from ITProPortal:

“It’s encouraging to see that the average score in the UK is now so high (800) and has increased by so much from this time last year,” said Andrew Martin, CEO, DynaRisk.


“Consumers are clearly becoming more aware and more protective of their online information in the UK; and getting better at arming themselves against an ever-increasing number of cyber threats.”


Even though the numbers are promising, Martin says there’s still plenty of room for improvement, and that consumers should always be cautious when signing up to different services with their email address.


“Constant investment and training needs to be put in place by all companies to ensure customer information is as safe as it can be,” he said.

The takeaway from this report is that while the frequency of UK data breaches is worrying, the overall trend is one of improvement. Users are increasingly aware of the cyber security risks that they face in the modern technological environment.

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