Privacy and Security recommendations for autumn 2020

I've been collating findings from many online sessions and updates this year, and keep a log of latest findings, recommendations and case studies as I attend them. Here are some pointers to adapt your organisation to the latest guidance being shared by privacy and...
University lecture

UK & American Universities affected by Blackbaud hack

Universities and charities in the UK, US, and Canada have all been affected by a hack that hit software supplier Blackbaud. Over 20 universities and charities have stated they were affected after Blackbaud - a supplier of administration and financial software - was...
Hungary suspends GDPR

Parts of GDPR suspended in Hungary due to “state of emergency”

Hungary has suspended some elements of GDPR as part of its strategy for dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. Having declared a state of emergency on 11th March, the authorities have been able to do this because they can govern by decree. The decree suspending parts of...

Covid-19 tracking app requires “greater justification”

A Covid-19 tracking app might be a key part of halting the spread of the pandemic, but  there remain privacy concerns about the project. A new legal report has stated that any centralised system for contact tracing would lead to “significantly greater interference...

Aptoide App Store Breached

The popular Android app store Aptoide has apparently been breached, with millions of users having their data stolen by a hacker. Aptoide is a third-party app store, meaning it isn't operated by Google or provided by a smartphone manufacturer, and claims to have over...

Data Management Experts

Welcome to Activa Consulting, the data management experts. We are experienced consultants with extensive knowledge of data protection and information security, GDPR, ISO 27001, and data management and governance. Read on to find what we can do for you!



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Data Management

Professional advice from the experts the experts turn to

Data Governance

Optimise your organisation by harmonising your data

GDPR Consultancy

Get your company GDPR compliant with our expert help

ISO 27001

The internationally recognised information security framework

Data Governance and Data Management experts

We’re a company that even leading consultancy firms come to for insight, project management and delivery. We’re currently working for Aptos and have recently provided expertise to Deloitte (designing Data Governance frameworks for massive companies), IMSM, Wiser Environment, GDPR Software and others. We’re the experts the experts turn to – contact us now to strengthen your own data management expertise and delivery team.

ISO 27001, the most globally recognised data protection framework

The ISO 27001 standard is the most globally recognised data protection framework. While most ISO 27001 consultants work to their own system, we build ours around you. Hire us to put an ISO 27001 programme in place for your organisation built around your needs and requirements.

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GDPR Compliance from data protection experts

Our GDPR Consultants can provide a variety of services to help you achieve GDPR compliance and minimise the risks to your organisation; we’ve never yet failed to discover important changes that a client needed to consider and implement, however GDPR-compliant they felt they were.

We can pinpoint those gaps quickly and accurately through our Gap Analysis services, and resolve them efficiently as Project Managers or Interim Data Protection Officers. Contact us now to establish your needs and what we can do for you. Whatever size and budget level you’re working to, we have solutions to help.

Activa Consulting – Data Management Experts

We’ve been expert consultants for nearly 20 years, with a particularly strong track record in the financial sector. We’re knowledgeable in all aspects of data management, data governance, and data protection, and can show how much you can gain by treating data as a valuable asset. Whether you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your organisation through better data management or want to become more compliant with data protection regulations, we can help – no matter what budget you’re working to.

So get in touch with us today. With extensive experience working as consultants or managers in Data Management, Data Governance, Data Quality, GDPR, ISO 27001, and other fields for a range of high profile companies such as Deloitte and IMSM, we’re the data management experts that the experts turn to. Find out what we can do for you!