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Welcome to Activa Consulting, the experts in data protection consulting and information security. We’re highly experienced GDPR consultants and ISO 27001 consultants (and 27002 and 9001 consultants!) for varied businesses of many sizes. Read on to find out what we can do for you! Following a data security framework became obligatory in May 2018 – we can solve your GDPR compliance needs and also provide the best international standard, ISO 27001. Click on the buttons below to find out more about the services you need.

Staff errors or negligence in data protection are common. If anyone’s rights or freedoms are put at risk, these must be reported, incurring potentially substantial fines. Prevent them with us.

Fines under GDPR for data breaches run to €20M EUR or 4% of your parent group’s global annual turnover. Hire us to identify and solve your compliance needs and breach risks within 3 days.













Following a data protection framework is mandatory since May 2018. And ISO 27001 is the most globally recognised. As ISO 27001 consultants, hire us for an ISO 27001 programme built around you.

Adapting your business processes to GDPR will probably prove to be a complex, time-consuming and difficult task. Hire us to deliver a smooth solution built around you and your requirements.














Large or complex organisations are required to employ a dedicated Data Protection Officer, and anyone can benefit. We can cover this to your needs, from as little as £600+VAT a month.

ISO 27001 Consultants

From May 2018, even minor data protection breaches must be reported to the ICO, and fines can be massive. Get professional advice now and a roadmap to compliance and data security.

We’re experts in both the policy, procedural and Information Security aspects of GDPR for businesses of all types and sizes and can provide quick solutions to problems our clients weren’t even aware of.

We’ve never yet failed to discover important changes that a client wasn’t aware of, however “GDPR-ready” they felt they were. We can pinpoint those gaps quickly and accurately through our Gap Analysis services, and resolve them efficiently as Project Managers or Interim Data Protection Officers. Contact us now to establish your needs and what we can do for you. Whatever size and budget level you’re working to, we have solutions to help.

We’ve been expert data protection consultants for nearly 20 years, with a particularly strong track record in the financial sector.

GDPR has been a big culture shock to most companies, but not us – because it dovetails with what we’ve been doing as ISO 27001 consultants and advising all along. Read on to find out about our ISO 27001 programmes, or click into the links above for our help with your GDPR compliance and GDPR staff training.

ISO 27001 consultants normally work to their own systems – not yours. How can you get what you want?

Do not make uniformed, irrational decisions. Read what we have to say, we’ve provided plenty of guidance articles to show you what the standard is all about. Our guidance is based on fact, we are not trying to confuse, obfuscate or hide behind jargon. We lay out our interpretation of standards, so if you choose, you could do it yourself. If however you are too busy or seek the comfort of using professionals in an area you are unfamiliar with, then working with us could be a good mix. There is nothing in these systems you could not do yourself, but after doing it many times we know how to make it as easy as possible. Knowing what works, what you really must do and what you can get away with saves you an enormous amount of effort, time and money.

Surely the best consultant does the most listening and the least talking. Only when we have assessed your needs and your situation would we give advice because we want to help you not just another client. We start with the basic requirements and then flesh out a system only when and where you think it will benefit your business. A good program of continuous improvement can be incredibly profitable and we want you to capture those profits.

If you are seeking information and help and you are new to a standard, the chances are you are doing it because of commercial pressure – a client will not deal with you until you are certified or at least demonstrating that you are on the way. Activa know how to get you in a position to demonstrate your efforts to a client quickly often in less than a month – then you will quickly know if a project will pay for itself. Here is our irrefutable business proposition to you which we offer to all our customers:

If we don’t succeed in gaining your company ISO 27001 / ISO 9001 certification the first time around we will work for no charge until you do.

Visit our information security section or ISO 9000 section broken down to get your questions answered. We are committed to hearing about what you want to know. We encourage you to add to this section as a basis to become a truly customer led business. Think you can do better? Send us you ideas and we will add them to the site!

Activa can show you how to maximise your company’s profitability. Once your business systems are in place you have everything you need to build a profitable future for your company. And if you don’t want to end it there, we now continue to work with our clients more and more. This ensures further ongoing improvement projects, enhancing quality, reliability and profitability.

We can help you quickly, especially if you’re looking to quickly build a system as a result of a tender you wish to participate in. Click here to follow the link for “tender questions“.


When management systems absolutely have to work for you – get Activa – ISO 27001 consultants!

This site contains up to the minute ISO 27001 and 9001 information on the latest changes in the information security and quality standards and best methods. These can enable you to achieve certification with ISO systems that will help you grow your business, not stifle it. We will show you how to start from scratch for a company that’s new to management systems (sometimes the easiest approach) and for established systems. We can cut out all the bureaucracy to run with 27001:2013  / 9000-2015 systems that actively manage your business for you. This leaves you free to improve, promote and sell. (Incidentally, we do not sell templates because there is nothing surer to stop your business than use someone else’s system you know nothing about.)

Although we are ISO 27001 consultants, we work with all our clients to achieve greater profitability and growth. We see the process cycle (to re-engineer, audit, measure, improve, re-audit, re-measure) as very powerful. We use the standard as a tool to really explode the growth of our clients. A quality system is not just for the badge (although that is why most companies initially undertake such a project) – the more enlightened companies around us use their ISO 9000 systems and their consultants to really power ahead!

If you are serious about improving your business or are looking for information about the new ISO standard, read on and read about our 9000 2015 synopsis and tools we can offer to actively manage and grow your business. ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 standard laid out in simple terms for you!

Activa Consulting – keeping it simple!